5-venue photography exhibition in Bogota

One thousand photographs taken by 16 Colombian and 48 international shutterbugs will be exhibited in five different venues around Bogota until June 15.

The Casa de la Moneda, Galeria Dos Casas, Corferias, Biblioteca Nacional and the Archivo de Bogota are the five buildings in the Colombian capital in which a total of 17 exhibition rooms will display the work of international photographers, including Colombian artists Daniel Martinez, Alfredo Molano and Guillermo A. Santos.

Fotomuseo, the organizer of the event, has brought together works by a host of internationally acclaimed photographers, among them U.S. artist Wendy Watriss.

Two special projects will be displayed during the event. The first, titled “Disparando Camaras Cazuca,” is led by young victims of forced displacement, who reflect their daily realities and dreams through the medium of photography.

The second, “Mirada a la fotografia joven,” is an exhibition of works by photography students from various universities and colleges around the capital.

In a related event, at the city’s Universidad Central, a series of presentations from 20 of the world renowned photographers will take place until May 13, during which visitors will have the chance to meet the artists behind the lenses.

For more information go to www.fotomuseo.org or visit the Fotomuseo headquarters at Avenida 19, #3-50, Edificio Barchara, Office 602.

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