FARC sends Colombia New Year message

Negotiators for the FARC left-wing guerilla group in Cuba have released a New Year video message, reported local media Monday.

The negotiators in Havana, Cuba, made a video message hoping for a 2013 “full of future and peace.” The video is said to feature several guerrilla leaders involved in the negotiations and shows them speaking in well-known locations in Cuba. The video was removed from YouTube less than a day after being published.

“We expect 2013 to be a year of political, economic and social gains, through struggle and mobilization,” said “Ivan Marquez,” the chief negotiator reportedly. “Marco Leon Calarca,” meanwhile expressed his wish that 2013 be a year “of struggle, resistance and peace building.”

There was also a message from Dutch guerrilla Tanja Nijmeijer, known in the FARC as “Alexandra Nariño.” Local media said that she gave a message to young Colombian students to “keep in mind ideas to build a better future,” because “young people are the ones who make the future. “

The government and FARC negotiators seeking an end to Colombia’s armed conflict in Havana are on a break over Christmas and New Year.

The Colombian military has expressed concern that the FARC’s unilateral ceasefire will end on January 20 of the new year. The Colombian government earlier turned down a FARC request for a bilateral ceasefire.

Santos has set a deadline on the peace negotiations of November 2013.

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