‘FARC retaliation attack’ kills 2, injures 6

Two were killed and six injured in alleged FARC attacks on Sunday in the southwest Colombian Cauca department.

The attack were launched in what authorities call a retaliation of the killing of FARC top leader Alfonso Cano by government forces on Friday.

According to local media, guerrillas threw four explosive devices towards the local police station in Piendamo, resulting in the death of a civilian as well as severe injuries to three policemen.

FARC guerrillas used a van to launch the explosives, which also caused damages to at least 18 houses.

The second attack took place in Jambalo, also directed against the police station, where a policeman was killed and three civilian injured.

The department’s Government Secretary, Alvaro Grijalva Gomez, declared a state of emergency during a security council following the attacks. “It is a secret to no one that strong retaliations were expected in Cauca after the death of [Alfonso Cano]”, Grijalva said.

Additional police presence was agreed on for all the department, as well as patrols by the air force above the Panamerican road to prevent further attacks.

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