FARC invested in DMG

Colombian authorities have found evidence that FARC commander “Edgar Tovar” invested $15,000 in David Murcia’s notorious pyramid scheme DMG, and wrote him a letter suggesting they “do business.”

On the computer of a FARC commander recovered three weeks ago, authorities found a letter from the FARC Secretariat reprimanding Tovar for “investing $15,000 in DMG without consulting the upper leadership … [and not even] the commander of the block.”

There was also a letter written by the FARC’s 48th Front commander “Edgar Tovar” to David Murcia, inquiring about “how they could do business,” W Radio reported on Friday.

In the letter, Edgar Tovar reportedly expresses interest in setting up a meeting with Murcia, and says that despite the widespread controversy surrounding DMG, “On our side, we are still in solidarity with you… and we are ready to contribute to you in any way you consider necessary.”

Additionally, the computer contained evidence that Edgar Tovar was reprimanded for having “sexual relations with 38 [female] guerillas,” almost every female guerilla in his unit.

It was reported on Thursday that Edgar Tovar was also reprimanded by the FARC’s upper leadership for failing to deliver his required weekly payment to the secretariat.

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