FARC has ‘double standard’: Defense Minister

Colombia’s Defense Minister stated Wednesday that FARC is “managing a double discourse,” implying that FARC’s actions do not reflect their rhetoric.

Without directly mentioning FARC’s alleged breaking of the ceasefire, Minister Juan Carlos Pinzon stated that the rebels’ actions “reflect a double standard…which is difficult to understand.”

“While on the one hand they give speeches and behave like celebrities, to appear in the media, here they have a number of young people and children living in terrible conditions,” said Minister Juan Carlos Pinzon.

“There are systematic lies of this organization all the time,” added Pinzon. The minister also referenced FARC’s alleged role in drug trafficking and kidnapping.

The FARC declared a unilateral ceasefire on Monday when peace negotiations with Colombia’s government reconvened in Havana, Cuba however the Colombian army has claimed that they broke that ceasefire on Wednesday.

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