Extradited paramilitary boss ‘HH’ implicates politicians

Extradited paramilitary boss “H.H.” names several Colombian politicians who he says received support from the militia group AUC, La F.M. Radio reported Monday.

Former AUC commander Ever Veloza Garcia, alias “H.H.,” said that several politicians in the departments of Buenaventura and Valle del Cauca, including former Senator Juan Carlos Martinez, accepted support from paramilitaries.

Veloza told the U.S. Supreme Court that he ordered his then-financial chief to provide logistical information and resources for popular office holders to help Marinez with whatever he required to reach office.

The former AUC boss also said that narco-traffickers in the Valle del Cauca department, including brothers Gonzales Rivas and Olmes Duran, asked him to support Congress campaigns.

Veloza, who was extradited to the U.S. in 2009, has pleaded guilty to 13 murders and to burning several homes in the 2005 San Jose de Apartado peace community massacre.

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