International expertise to help endangered Colombian monkey

A Colombian vet has spent the last two weeks in Jersey, a British island off the north coast of France, learning more about how to care for Colombia’s endangered white-footed tamarin.

The white-footed tamarin lives only in a small area of northern Colombia. The vet, Juliana Peña-Stadlin, is learning how to care for the endangered animal at the international training centre of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust.

According to a report by BBC News, Juliana Peña-Stadlin has found her time spent at Durrell to be invaluable. “I feel I am now in a much stronger position to care for the tamarins and to share what I have learnt with my colleagues.”

Dominic Wormell, head of Durrell’s Mammal department, will be returning to Colombia with Ms. Peña-Stadlin in order to find and begin caring for the tamarins there.

They will be assisting with the work of the white-footed tamarin international conservation project, which was started by Colombian conservationists.

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