Daniel Alves anti-racism campaign gains support from Colombia rebels

Colombia’s second largest guerrilla group, the ELN, expressed solidarity and support for Brazil soccer player Daniel Alves who is campaigning to end racism in the world’s most popular sport.

Nicolas Rodriguez Bautista, alias ‘”Gabino” the leader of the ELN published a video of himself through the armed group’s website holding a banana and declaring, “yes, we are all monkeys,” referring to the slogan of the Alves campaing.

“We are all monkeys” is an online anti-racism campaign that went viral after Brazilian-born Alves had a banana thrown at him from the stands whilst taking a corner for his club Barcelona in a Spanish League game.

Alves nonchalantly picked up the banana and took a bite before taking the free kick.

Following the match, many celebrities and fellow footballers copied the act on social media in support of Alves and as a campaign to oust racism from football.

The guerrilla leader appears sitting and smiling behind a desk covered by Colombia flag and an assault rifle.

The National Liberation Army (ELN) is the second largest guerrilla group in Colombia and was founded in 1964 to combat the Colombian state and promote Marxist ideals for a more equal society. The group is widely expected to begin formal peace talks to end 50 years of violence between rebels and government.


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