Colombia’s government target of new spying scheme: Ecuadorean President

The President of Ecuador on Tuesday denounced a new spying operation, which he claims targets the governments of Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela and Argentina.

President Rafael Correa’s revelations come a month after Brazilian newspaper O Globo released secret documents, claiming that US intelligence agency NSA was responsible for a constant flow of intelligence gathering on Colombia and other Latin American countries dating back to 2008.

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During a televised interview, the head of state said that he had received the information from a source who had participated in the alleged spying operation.

“We are still investigating who led this massive spying, which is different from the Edward Snowden scandal,” explained the head of state.

“But the Colombian, Argentine and Venezuelan governments were all spied on. E mails have been hacked and phones tapped” stated Correa.

After demanding answers from the US regarding espionage in the region, Colombian foreign minister Maria Angela Holguin stated last Tuesday that US Secretary of State John Kerry had provided the “necessary assurances” over the NSA’s spying activity in the South American country.


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