Ecopetrol 1st Colombian company on Forbes’ global Fortune 500

Colombia’s largest oil company ranked 444 on the Forbes global Fortune 500.

Ecopetrol is the first Colombian business to be on Forbes’ annual rankings of the world’s largest companies.

In late June, Ecopetrol reported the highest production volume in its 60 year history, with 753,440 barrels of crude oil and natural gas per day.

Ecopetrol’s reported revenue was $21.7 billion for 2010.

Brazil’s largest oil company Petrobas ranked 44 on the Forbes 2011 list, with a reported revenue of $120 billion for 2010. Venezuela’s PDVSA ranked 66, with $88.4 billion in revenue for 2010.

Royal Dutch Shell, Exxon Mobil, and BP were placed in the top 5 companies for the global Fortune 500, respectively.

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