Don Tetto releases new video, indistinguishable from old videos


Colombian pop-rock group and Green Day wannabes Don Tetto released a new music video Thursday for their song “Let’s Walk.”

The video was recorded in Los Angeles under the direction of Al Marenco who is not known for directing anything else.

The video depicts the Oscar-worthy story of a couple’s brief breakup after the boyfriend forgets their anniversary. After staring longingly at their phones, the couple reunites to slowed-down power chords and Pulecio’s infectious whining.

“We are pleased to present the video for this song, which is one of the most requested in our repertoire. We are confident that both the song and the video will be part of all our friends Tettomania during this first part of 2012,” said group vocalist Diego Pulecio.

The band is also responsible for such original gems as “Addicted to Pain,” “Failed Attempt,” and “It Happened Again.”

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