Don Tetto first Colombian group to hit “Rock Band” video game

Rock group Don Tetto will be the first Colombian band to have songs in the video game “Rock Band,” reported Colombian showbiz site

In June this year, two of the band’s top hits will be available for worldwide download on the popular video game through Xbox. The songs are titled “Fallido Intento” and “Adicto al Dolor,” and are the two most successful songs from the band’s first album, “Lo Que No Sabias.”

According to the band’s drummer, Jaime Medina, technology, as well as the use of other innovative measures to promote the band, has been integral in the success of Don Tetto.

“Technology is and has been decisive for the history of Don Tetto. We always try to be aware of all of the changes and advances that are available. All of this is key for our communication, the social networks, our interaction with our fans… taking advantage of all the possible platforms has meant that our band continues to reach many people worldwide,” explained Medina.

Don Tetto played in Medellin and Bogota in early April as part of a promotional tour for their new single “Mi error,” the second single from their new album “Mienteme-Prometeme.”

Aside from video games, the band makes use of social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace, as well as their own official YouTube channel, Don Tetto TV, to promote their music. The channel has had 2.7 million visits since its creation in 2009.

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