‘Don Mario’ offers to hand over 6,000 paras

Former paramilitary leader and drug trafficker “Don Mario” offered to hand over the names of 6,000 paramilitaries belonging to his organization, in exchange for the Supreme Court overturning his extradition to the U.S.

Daniel Rendon Herrera, alias “Don Mario,” reportedly wants the court to overturn his extradition so that he can participate in the Justice and Peace process, claiming to know of thousands of paramilitaries who did not participate in the demobilization of paramilitary organization AUC in 2006.

According to Human Rights Watch, Don Mario was in charge of some 4,000 paramilitaries from eight different organizations. His claim to know of 6,000 paramilitaries may sway the Supreme Court’s ruling on his extradition, Noticias Uno reported Monday.

Don Mario was captured along with eighteen members of his security ring in a rural area of the central Colombian department of Antioquia in April 2009. He is believed to be responsible for 3,000 deaths.

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