Development bank donates $120M for Colombia disaster relief

The Inter American Development Bank has granted $120 million to Colombia for disaster relief, in order to reduce its vulnerability to natural disasters and climate change.

According to the Inter American Development Bank, Colombia is one of Latin America’s most vulnerable countries when it comes to natural disasters, with more than eight out of every 10 Colombians living in an area of risk.

The project manager, Sergio Lacambra said,”The project will help the Colombian government to protect its most vulnerable populations.”

The loan was given according to a policy based load, in which grants are given by the bank after certain goals are achieved.

The aim of the project is to identify risk, reduce vulnerability and manage disasters as well as to promote better coordination between key government institutions during the emergency phase and then to facilitate rehabilitation and reconstruction.

“Incorporating risk management and an ability to adapt to climate change will be an important contribution to sustainable development,” sais Lacambra.

Colombia has suffered more than 150 natural disasters in the last 40 years, which have claimed the lives of 32,000 people and affected the lives of over 12 million people.

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