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How art turned Cuatro Bocas from dodgy to one of Medellin’s coolest hidden gems

“Cuatro Bocas” (or “Four Mouths”) used to be a no-go area for many in Medellin. However, a number of art initiatives have transformed the small area into one of the city’s finest art gems.

Between the neighborhood of Moravia and the Pedro Nel Gomez museum you can find the “Urban Promenade,” a tribute to the local painter, sculptor and engineer.

To find one of Medellin’s best-hidden spots, you can either walk from Moravia’s cultural center up the road to the museum or, if you’re not a climber, descend from the museum towards Moravia.

What used to be a lifeless, dilapidated street is now decorated with tile murals of Gomez’ most famous works.

The “urban promenade” initiative involved repainting houses and planting trees in order to bring more life to the neighbourhood (Image: Richard Kelleher)

Leading up to the Pedro Nel Gomez Museum, the promenade has since become a place where locals can enjoy each other’s company. (Image: Richard Kelleher)

A neighborhood once troubled by crime and violence is now recommended for a stroll. (Image credit: Richard Kelleher)

Locals’ houses have benefitted from the makeover (Image credit: Richard Kelleher)

Next to each piece sits a plaque with the year and title of the work (Image: Richard Kelleher)

Locals say the initiative has “completely changed” the neighborhood (Image: Richard Kelleher)

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