Sexy funding gets firefighter fired (video)

Fired firefighter Dagoberto Avila said he rented Puerto Colombia’s fire station out to pornographers to raise funds for the station, said local media Thursday.

Avila and the Puerto Colombia Fire Station were embroiled in scandal when a May 2011 pornographic video surfaced, depicting a couple having sex in the station.

Avila and another firefighter were immediately fired for allowing the video to take place. Avial defended himself saying, “The Fire Department is voluntary and does not have the necessary resources and equipment. Further more the administration doesn’t gives funding, so we then turn to any event or service we can.”

According to the former firefighter, the pornographers paid 400 thousand Colombian Peso ($225) for use of the station. Avila says the money was used to buy helmets and uniforms.

Puerto Colombia’s mayor, Carlos Altahona, responded the same day saying, “lack of funds is not an excuse. They received from the previous administration more than 200 million pesos ($113 thousand).”

Avila said he was also told the video would only be shown in the US.

In related news, the female star of the video is suing the producers for breach of contract. The star was also told the video would only be shown in the US, said her lawyer.

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