Colombia’s 2011 tax revenue surpasses target by 10%

The director of Colombia’s tax collection agency, DIAN, said the tax revenue target for 2011 is surpassed by $3.8 billion or 9.4%, reported Caracol Radio Wednesday.

DIAN director Juan Ricardo Ortega said the agency collected $44.4 billion in tax revenue, surpassing the target of $40.6 billion.

Ortega said that if things continues on this path, tax revenue for the next year could be 1.5% of GDP of the country, or $46.4 billion.

He said that the goal for next year for DIAN and the Finance Ministry is to implement and send to Congress the new tax reform, which focuses on making it more difficult to avoid paying taxes.

He said that he was certain that the tax agency was free of corrupt officials, following the government’s uncovering of a scandal involving the theft and evasion of taxes.

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