Colombia soccer team heads to US with new coach

Colombia’s national soccer team traveled Monday to the United States with their new interim head coach, Leonel Alvarez, to play in two friendlies against Jamaica and Honduras, international media reported.

Alvarez, a former player for the team, told reporters that although the games hold no weight in the season, he views his first two games as challenges.

“I’m a man of challenges, and life is made of moments, although this is not the most appropriate [moment] because of the circumstance [of the departure of ex-coach Hernan Dario Gomez], but I assume all of the responsibility, all of the commitment,” said Alvarez.

The new coach explained that he is “not afraid to take responsibility” for coaching the team saying, “I know what I can do.”

Alvarez also told reporters that if offered the position as the permanent head coach, but with another coach at his side, he would definitely consider the opportunity. “If they invite me to co-lead the national team I would think about it. It depends on who is my partner is,” said Alvarez.

Colombia will play Honduras on September 3 in Harrison, New Jersey and Jamaica on September 6 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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