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Colombia’s most memorable albums of 2017, according to Juan Carlos Garay

Music journalist Juan Carlos Garay published his list of Colombia’s most memorable music albums of 2017 in Semana magazine. It’s a thing of beauty.

Garay’s top 10 demonstrates how Colombia’s musicians continue to merge the country’s rich musical history with sounds from across the world.

Nidia Gongora & Quantic: Curao

British producer Will Holland teamed up with Nidia Gongora from Timbiqui, Cauca and produced a unique album that mixes British club music with traditional Afro-Colombian sounds from the Pacific coast.

Profetas – Tiempo

Profetas is an Afro-Colombian band that has been around for a few years. This year they caught attention with “Tiempo.

Suricato – Detras del sol

Six years after the Bogota band first appeared, Bogota ensemble Suricato has shifted from jazz to indie pop on “Detras del Sol.”

Quinteto Leopoldo Federico – Pa Que Mas

Quinteto Leopoldo Federico is a tango outfit that explored bambuco, a folkloric rhythm from the Tolima province for their latest album, “Pa Que mas.”

Lucio Feuillet – Provinciano

Lucio Feuillet from Pasto kicked off the year with “Provinciano,” a sensitive pop album with an occasional wink to Colombia’s folkloric sounds.

Elkin Robinson – Sun a Shine

Elkin Robinson is the latest representatives of Colombia’s Caribbean San Andres province’s unique culture.

Ondatrópica – Baile Bucanero

Colombian ensemble Ondatropica has been mixing Colombian traditional music with afrobeat since 2012.

Esteban Copete – Encuentro

Esteban Copete is not just any marimba player from Colombia’s Pacific region. He is the grandson of the legendary composer Petronio Alvarez. Encuentro features a collection of collaborations with other artists.

Corrientes – Regocijo

Corrientes is a Bogota group that playfully combines folkloric Colombian rhythms, jazz and pop music.

Magin Diaz – El Orisha de La Rosa

If there was only one artist that would define 2017, he would be Magin Diaz, the 93-year old legendary singer from Colombia’s Caribbean region. The musician died after hearing his latest album had been nominated for a Grammy award.

Legendary Colombia folk singer Magin Diaz dies in Las Vegas

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