Colombia’s makes stunning Copa America come-back, beating Brazil 1-0

Colombia stunned critics by defeating soccer giant Brazil 1 – 0 in the Copa America’s Group C on Wednesday, an extraordinary achievement unseen since 1991.

Colombia played offensively from the beginning, pushed by a fear of a virtual elimination from the South American tournament, after having lost 1-0 to underdog Venezuela on Sunday.

The task was deemed nearly impossible as Los Cafeteros hadn’t beaten Brazil for 24 years.

For most of the first half, Colombia failed to form a real threat against one of the world’s soccer giants.

At nine minutes from the end of the first half, Colombia took the lead when a scramble following a free kick by Juan Cuadrado allowed Jeison Murillo to shoot the ball past Brazil goalie Jefferson.

In a counterattack, Brazil nearly evened the score just before half-time after Neymar sharply aims at Colombia’s net only to find goalie David Ospina.

Brazil continued pressuring Colombia’s defense throughout the second half.

After 13 minutes Murillo accidentally passed the ball to Brazil midfielder Firmino who was facing nothing but an open goal. Surprisingly, however, the Hoffenheim player missed.

While Brazil continued to move forward, they were unable to dangerously push through to Ospina’s goal and score a 1-1.

Even a corner kick in the 94th minute wouldn’t change’s Brazil fate.

Following an incredibly disappointing match against Venezuela, Colombia made up. It defeated Brazil. A major achievement not seen in 24 long years.

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