Colombia’s electoral authorities sued to investigate fraud claims

Colombia’s electoral authorities were sued to investigate alleged fraud during the first round of presidential elections, local media reported.

According to Semana magazine, a citizen from Cali filed the lawsuit against Colombia’s National Electoral Council (CNE) and the National Registrar, claiming that fundamental rights to equality, due process, to elect and to be elected were violated, because of “notorious electoral fraud.”

“I just want the electoral authorities to work with minimum and acceptable transparency,” said Andres Velasco, who filed the action.

Despite warnings from electoral observers and left-wing candidate Gustavo Petro, Colombia’s electoral authorities have refused to investigate altered voter forms.

Explosive claims of election rigging in Colombia

Velasco, who reiterated that he his not part of any political movement, was struck by the alterations.

“Instead of laughing at the embarrassing situation, what I did was take legal action to enforce my rights”, the 41-year old told Semana.

Velasco is demanding an in-depth audit to determine the scale of the alleged electoral fraud, claiming that the voting results from May 27 should be temporarily left without legal effect until its completion.

In addition, the action demands that the second round of the presidential elections be suspended until an audit is completed, a claim that was rejected by the judge.

Colombia’s presidential candidates want to see evidence of voter fraud

Colombia’s elections have yet again been marred by accusations of fraud and voter manipulation.

Prosecutor General Nestor Humberto Martinez claimed last week that this year’s elections has seen widespread election fraud, but said he would not reveal evidence until after a new president is elected.

The results of legislative elections in March and the first presidential election round last week have become controversial after claims of widespread fraud in both votes.

Martinez said he would not reveal evidence of “sickening” levels of fraud until after the elections “so they don’t say I am intervening in politics.”

Martinez’ claim contradicted the country’s electoral authorities that have categorically denied fraud claims.

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