Colombia’s Don Tetto nominated for European MTV award

MTV Europe Music Awards (EMA) nominated Colombian rock band Don Tetto for the “World Wide Latin American Act” of 2011.

Don Tetto is comprised of band members Carlos Leongomez, Jaime Medina, Jaime Valderrama, and Diego Pulecio. The group continues to make headlines, after receiving their first nomination for a Latin Grammy Award, as well as a Shock Music Awards 2011 nomination for their song “Mi Error.”

Valderrama, the drummer of Don Tetto affirmed that “the awards and nominations are something very special for us because it is the perfect opportunity to thank all the support we received not only in Colombia but also in other countries. We say that is special because these awards are the result of our work and the unwavering support of our fans, the Tettomania, this family of friends who accompany us with love in this musical adventure.”

The nominees are chosen by the music award council based on artist’s popularity, sales for singles and albums, radio airplay, and fan following on social media. To be eligible for a nomination, an artist must have submitted a new video to MTV within a year prior to this year’s nominee’s announcement.

The award winners will be based on public votes on the European MTV Music Awards website, and the EMA’s ceremony will be held on November 6, at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast, Ireland and broadcast internationally on MTV.

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