Colombians to get free trade workshops

Colombians will receive workshops on the recently-signed Free Trade Agreements, the government announced Wednesday.

Colombia’s Ministry of Business, Industry, and Tourism with use than $200 thousand dollars donated from the European Union (EU) to provide FTA workshops from Februrary 9.

Minister Sergio Diaz-Granados told newspaper El Colombiano, “We’ll train and update state workers from various departments who are responsible for putting into practice the soon to be implemented [FTA]; in order that the process will go smoothly.”

80 state workers and hundreds of citizens are expected to attend the sessions, which will take place in various cities.

The training will cover issues related to the implementation of the agreements including intellectual property, investment protection, competition, trade protection and dispute resolution.

Colombia currently has FTAs with Mexico, US, the EU and Canada, and is negotiating agreements with several Central American countries.

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