Colombians seek to break world dance record

Colombians will seek to break the Guinness World Record next year with their traditional Sanjuanero Huilense dance.

On June 30, 2013 the country club of the capital Neiva in the southwest Huila department will host an event with 500 couples performing the traditional Colombian dance for five minutes to break the Guinness World Record.

The point of the event is not only to hold a place in the world renowned Guinness Book, but also to exalt and demonstrate the importance of the culture of the region and take a social step forward in the name of the traditional folkloric dance.

“The dance is an intangible heritage of our culture and what we project is a worldwide impact and the good thing is that we already have the vision to compete,” said the president of the club, Mario Silva, according to El Espectador.

Frank Corridor, the media and project manager, also said that the aim of the event is to know the value of the dance to position the region and make it more attractive to tourists.

The folkloric Sanjuanero Huilense song was first performed in 1936 and is allegedly one of Colombia’s most recognizable folkloric songs. The accompanying choreography, which will be performed next June during the festival for San Pedro, was introduced in1960 and has become a staple during the Bambuco Pageant and Folkloric Festival celebrated each year for San Pedro in the city of Neiva.

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