Colombian wins Guiness World Record making shoes

Colombian shoemaker Alexander Moreno Rincon won a Guinness World Record by
making 20 pair of shoes in less than 10 hours with his own hands.

During the International Footwear and Leather Show in Bogota, Alexander Moreno Rincon, also called Alexs Men, designed and made 20 pairs of shoes in 9 hours and 50 minutes. A company takes ten days to produce the same amount.

The initial idea of Alexs Men was to design the largest number of shoes in the shortest time possible. However the Guinness company wanted to see the produced shoe to check whether the design was complete and the shoe wearable. 

Thus the 33-year-old Colombian, who currently lives in Italy after his family was displaced in Colombia, worked his way towards the world record with a pencil, a hammer and creativity. After 9 hours and 50 minutes the Guinness judge Carlos Martinez announced Alexs Men to be the fastest shoe designer ever.

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