Colombian transport minister announces $3.5B road investment

Colombia’s transport minister has announced Tuesday $3.49 billion dollars will be invested in the construction and maintenance of 19 major transport routes, in an interview with Caracol Radio.

Minister German Cardona said that of the amount announced, Finance Minister Juan Carlos Echeverry has already handed over $1.6 billion.

“There is a series of works that have been in development in the country that remain without financing. For example the Bucaramanga-Cucuta highway, the Bogota-Buenaventura route, La Palmera-Presidente, SanJose de Guaviare – Puenete de Oro.

The minister said that the funds for the maintenance  and construction of major roadways in the high plains will come from the petroleum sector and the national government to facilitate the transport of hydrocarbon.

“They have said they will pay the taxes and royalties. We invite them to be united, because for the coming year there are going to be very important funds from royalties and if these are joined to the national budget and contributions from the petroleum industry, we can make very important steps in infrastructure.”

Minister Cardona said Monday Colombia must prepare itself for the 280 potential clients that the free trade agreement with the United States could bring.

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