Colombian police chief meets with British spy agencies

Colombia’s director of the national police met with British intelligence agencies to coordinate counter-narcotics efforts in England, reported newspaper El Tiempo Sunday.

Colombian National Police Director, General Jose Roberto Leon Riaño, traveled to London to meet with senior officials from Britain’s Serious Organised Crime Agency and the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6).

The aim of the talks was to identify the leading figures of drug trafficking organizations that have shown increased activity in England over the past six months.

“There is great concern in this country because there is an increase in drug use,” claimed Leon Riaño. In particular, authorities are trying to stem the tide of Colombian cocaine entering Europe via the southern end of South America and Africa.

Leon Riaño took over the post of National Police Director from Oscar Naranjo in June. At his inauguration Riaño declared, “We will close the door on narco-trafficking routes and we will destroy this network of criminals.”

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