Colombian NGO raises $98,000 for Haiti redevelopment

Colombian NGO Antioquia Presente announced that it received a donation of over $98,000 from associates of the Medellin mayor’s office, public service provider EPM and utility company UNE to carry out construction projects in Haiti.

The Antioquia-based NGO, which specializes in post-disaster redevelopment, received some 2,557 donations from the three entities, amounting to a total of $98,493.

This will be added to the running total of $1,304,348 already raised in donations by the development NGO. The remaining donations were made by Antioquian citizens, universities and private companies, amongst others.

Representatives of Antioquia Presente said that the money raised by the campaign will serve to build at least 100 new homes in the earthquake-torn nation. The houses will form part of a “Colombian neighborhood” in Haiti’s capital Port-au-Prince.

Antioquia Presente told El Tiempo that they were grateful for the donations, saying, “Our motto is that each person gives what he can.”

The organization are in the process of consulting with the Haitian government in order to ensure that the new neighborhood meets the technical and cultural needs of the community.

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