Netherlands collars Colombian money laundering network

The alleged head of a money laundering network who transferred cash from Colombia to the Netherlands was arrested in Amsterdam, Dutch media reported Friday.

Details of the arrest of the 53-year-old female were released by the Dutch Prosecutor General’s Office.

Seven people, including several Colombians and the Dutch husband of the alleged ringleader, were also arrested. They were initially questioned in March before further questioning in recent days.

All must appear before a judge in Rotterdam on Friday, who will decide whether to extend their stay in custody.

“We do not know the total amount of money laundered, but we suspect this organization has been active for many years,” said Wim de Bruin, the spokesperson for the Dutch Prosecutor General’s Office.

According to Dutch newspaper NRC, Colombian authorities seized the luxury apartment of the main suspect in her hometown of Cali.

The equivalent of $1.8 million in cash, a kilo of cocaine and several passports were confiscated from a room in Amsterdam as part of the investigation, conducted with the collaboration of Colombian authorities.

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