Colombian model moves to New York, seeks fashion fame

A Colombian model and former runner-up to Miss Colombia has finally made the big move to New York in order to continue her modelling career, proving you don’t actually have to win Miss Colombia to find success further down the line.

Adriana Hurtado is making the move to the ‘Big Apple’ 14 years after she was crowned runner-up to Miss Colombia in 1997.

The Colombian sex symbol, who allegedly still bereaves her failure to be crowned Miss Colombia, has spent the last ten years living and working as a model in Mexico.

Today Hurtado has gained fame the face of the U.S. based, international clothing brand “Xuss,” with whom she has been working for the last three years.

The leggy Colombian brunette is reportedly very excited about the move, and even more so about a series of photo shoots that will take her to a number of international paradises for her work with “Xuss.”

With a future of bright lights and city living Hurtado might soon forget her failures in the 1997 Miss Colombia contest.

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