Colombian film ‘Porfirio’ to be shown at Cannes

Colombian films continued their success on the international scene this year, with the latest honor going to the film “Porfirio,” which will be shown at this years prestigious Cannes film festival.

The film, based on a true story, has been selected to be shown in the “Directors Fortnight” section of the festival, a section that was created by the Society of Film Directors (SRF) with the aim of discovering films by young authors and saluting the works of renowned directors.

“Porfirio” is based on the story of a wheelchair-bound man named Porfirio, hijacking a plane with two grenades hidden in his diaper. The director has given the story a human angle, focusing on the dreams, hopes and aspirations of the disabled man, as opposed to the violent, bloody angle of the hijacking.

The film, according to critics, succeeds through technical, artistic and narrative decisions to convey the drama and claustrophobia of a man hoping, in a system in which there is very little hope.

The film was a collaboration between Colombia, Spain, France, Argentina, Uruguay and was realized by Brazilian-Ecuadorian director Alejandro Lanes.

Porfirio is the protagonist in the real life event as well as the film. “Working with natural actors is not easy, let alone someone disabled.When I met him [Porfirio] I was dazzled by his mental and physical strength and this story would not have gone far without Porfirio,” said Lanes.

The film will be shown from May 12- 22 in the glamorous French town.

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