Colombian drug lord ‘RQ’ extradited to US

Former member of the Norte del Valle Cartel (NVC), Ramon Quintero Sanclemente, alias “RQ,” was extradited to the United States Monday to answer for drug trafficking crimes.

RQ was captured on April 15, 2010 in Quito, Ecuador after two years of monitoring. He was considered one of the most wanted men by the U.S. State Deparment.

The former drug lord’s drug trafficking organization was responsible for “obtaining more than 50 metric tons of cocaine annually from clandestine labs in Colombia to export to Mexico, the United States and Europe,” according to the U.S. government website.

The extradition of RQ places him among several other drug lords who have been moved from Colombia to the U.S. in recent months as part of agreements between the two countries to combat illicit drug trafficking.

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