Colombia’s Don Tetto to rock Austin alongside Juanes

Colombian pseudo-alternative rock group Don Tetto will appear at the Austin Fan Fest, among the likes of Enrique Iglesias and Aerosmith on November 18th.

The music festival where Don Tetto will be showcased marks the end of the U.S. Formula One Grand Prix in Austin, Texas, the self proclaimed “music capital of the world.” Austin Fan Fest is headlined by Aerosmith, Enrque Iglesias, Juanes and Flo Rida among other music heavy weights in the international pop scene.

Jaime Valderrama, the group’s bassist, expressed his excitment, declaring “this is one of the most interesting invitations we’ve received throughout our career. We are lovers of sports and Formula 1 occupies a very special place for the group. It will be interesting to participate in this event that combines sports and music, with figures from around the world and an all around the world celebration of Formula 1, which is not only a sporting event but an event that captures the attention of everyone at a world level.”

Don Tetto, considered pop punk giants of Colombia, are credited as being at the forefront of the now rapidly evolving Latin American mainstream music scene that was previously dwarfed by the region’s love for Metal.

The event is expected to draw 120,000 spectators, marking the return of the Formula 1 race to Austin after a 5 year absence.

The band will be playing atop the success of their new single “Sigamos Caminando” (We Keep Walking) that was released this year, its title possibly hinting at a new album in the pipeline for the Bogota fourpiece.

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