Colombian actress plays Barbie’s voice in Toy Story 3

Colombian actress Danna Garcia will be the voice children’s doll Barbie in the Spanish version of the soon-to-be-released movie “Toy Story 3” – an experience which the star described as “unique,” reported Colombian media on Tuesday.

According to the young actress, who made her name starring in Colombian soap-operas  “Al norte del corazón” (1997) and “Hablame de amor” (1999), playing the role was a dream come true and she was excited to lend her voice to such an iconic figure.

“It was like returning to childhood, what girl hasn’t dreamt at one point of belonging to the world of Barbie? And thanks to the magic of cinema, I could be her. It was a unique experience, to interpret a personality through her voice,” said Garcia.

Although most the names of the other actors working on the film are not yet known, Chilean actor Cristian De La Fuente has been confirmed to play the role of “Buttercup” the unicorn.

“Toy Story 3” will be released in cinemas around Colombia on June 18.

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