Colombia FARC operation leaves 7 dead

An army operation resulted in the deaths of seven alleged rebels near the Venezuelan border Tuesday night in the search for “Jhon 40,” an accused drug-trafficking FARC commander.

In the search for “Jhon 40” (real name Gener García Molina) in Guainia, Colomba near the Venezuelan border, seven alleged rebels were killed, “most of which were FARC drug traffickers,” reported W Radio.

The FARC commander is allegedly the FARC’s chief leader for their drug trafficking operations and contributes massive amounts of drug money to support the FARC. He “controlled crops, laboratories and drug trafficking routes to Brazil and especially to Venezuela,” as well as negotiated illicit business with foreign narco-traffickers, including the Mexican drug cartel bosses, according to newspaper El Tiempo.

Army troops reportedly surrounded a FARC camp Tuesday night in search for Jhon 40 and the ensuing fire fight resulted in the killing of seven alleged guerrillas but, apparently, not the capture of Jhon 40.

Colombian authorities have not yet confirmed the results of the operation.

Local media reported that capturing Jhon 40 would be the biggest FARC offensive since the killing of supreme FARC commander Alfonso Cano last year.

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