Colombia investigates plans to kill key ‘para-economy’ witness


Colombian prosecutors have said there exists a plot to kill a key witness in investigations against top businessmen and sons of former President Alvaro Uribe, newspaper El Espectador reported Tuesday.

According to the newspaper, the Prosecutor General’s office began an investigation after having received information about the alleged murder plot of Jose Gelves Albarracin, alias “El Canoso.”

The demobilized paramilitary, a former commander of the AUC, is considered one of the most important witnesses in the so-called para-economy scandal, which ties top politicians and businessmen from the north of Colombia to paramilitary death squads.

Additionally, the former paramilitary commander has accused Tomas and Jeronimo Uribe of having had private and commercial relations with high-ranking paramilitaries.

Colombia’s Supreme Court last week granted the extradition of El Canoso to Argentina that wants to charge the former paramilitary with drug trafficking.

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