Colombia ‘drug traffickers’ arrested, wanted for extradition to US

(Photo: Colombia's National Police)

Colombia’s Anti-narcotics Police, in cooperation with the US Drug Enforcement Agency, has captured six Colombians wanted for extradition by a Florida district court for narcotrafficking.

The arrests took place in separate operations in the cities of Medellin, Cartagena, Barranquila, Riohacha, and Maicao, according to a police report.

Those arrested were wanted for drug trafficking and allegedly belong to the drug organizations Oficina de Envigado and the Urabeños.

PROFILE: Oficina de Envigado

Men arrested

  • Alias ‘Pipe’
    Retired army officer and detective for the Prosecutor General’s office wanted for drug trafficking. Lived in Medellin and worked as the lawyer for arrested drug cartel members of the Urabeños and Oficina de Envigado, as well as detained AUC paramilitaries under the Justice and Peace Law. ‘Pipe’ is alleged to have exported drugs from Colombia to Honduras.
  • Alias ‘Zaca’, ‘Pache’, or ‘Indio’
    Allegedly received shipments of alkaloids and hid them, mostly underground.
  • Alias ‘Menhi’ or ‘Hernan’
    Alleged contact between the drug trafficking organizations and the ship captains that would transport the drugs.
  • Alias ‘Martínez’ or ‘el Sobri’
    Allegedly coordinated the import of hydrochloride and protected the areas they were hidden.
  • Alias ‘Mello’ or ‘el Gordo’, 
    Allegedly coordinated the drug handovers with the ship captains to export the drugs.
  • Alias ‘Domingo’ or ‘Mingo’
    Allegedly coordinated the transport and export of drugs out of the country.




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