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Colombia coffee region website close to winning award for innovation

A website promoting tourism in Colombia’s coffee region is vying to win a World Tourism Organization’s Award for Excellence and Innovation in Tourism.

The website,, provides extensive information on tourism possibilities in one of Colombia’s most iconic regions, allowing potential tourists to book tours or stays with one of the affiliated tourism companies.

The United Nations’ tourism organization elected the website to be one of the three finalists for the “Innovation in Enterprises” award, together with the Santa Marta hotel in Lisbon, Portugal, and the Isoitok Camp Manyara from Tanzania.

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The Colombian coffee region website was set up by a variety of tourism operators in the western Caldas, Quindio, Risaralda, Cauca and Antioquia states where vast terrains are used for the production of one of Colombia’s best-known export products.

In order to facilitate a traveler’s visit to the coffee region, the tourism website offers numerous maps, ready-made itineraries, photo galleries and extensive localized directories.

The UNWTO will announce the winner of its annual awards on January 28 at the international Fitur tourism fair in Madrid, Spain.


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