Colombia, Peru launch joint anti-FARC operation

Colombia and Peru begin a joint operation, Colper Amazonia 2010, to combat FARC forces active around the border between the two countries, reported El Espectador Tuesday.

The countries will increase border security using military units on land, in the air and on waterways. The countries aim to increase the level of training and integration of each country’s units involved in the fight against terrorism.

According to Colombia’s navy the operation will attack drug trafficking strongholds and attempt to neutralize the FARC’s Southern Bloc, which is active in both Colombia and Peru.

The operation also aims to attack transnational criminal groups that have been present in the border zone of both countries in recent months.

Seven Colombian naval units will be placed at the Putumayo and Amazon river. Also, military and the air force units will be present to conduct surveillance and provide support.

“The national navy continues to strengthen its bonds of brotherhood with the Peruvian navy to exercise effective military control in the area of operations, with the goal to deny the use of the river and the corridors of mobility to the illegal armed groups that are committing crimes in the south of the country,” stated General Rafael Colon commander of the South Naval Force.

Colper Amazonia 2010 began Tuesday and will continue for three weeks.

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