Colombia 2014 presidential election results (1st round)

(Photo: Alcaldia de Bogotá)

The preliminary election results of Colombia’s 2014 presidential election provided a ticket to the second-round run-off to incumbent President Juan Manuel Santos and his hard-line rival Oscar Ivan Zuluaga.

Preliminary results

On May 25, 2014 when the elections were held, counting began as polls closed at 4PM. By 6PM, the vast majority of votes had been counted and the winners of tickets to the second round, incumbent President Juan Manuel Santos, and his rival, Oscar Ivan Zuluaga, were called.

Electoral timeline

The country proved divided as Zuluaga took most votes in cities, while Santos stayed on top in the impoverished periphery of the country.

Electoral preference per state

Peculiar detail in the elections was the historically low turnout rate of 40.07%. Santos failed to win the vote in any of the states that had a higher-than-average turnout, while Zuluaga failed to perform where voters stayed away.

Turnout per state

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