Cartagena medics remove beer bottle from man’s rectum

Doctors in Colombia’s coastal city of Cartagena successfully operated on a man who for undisclosed reasons had a beer bottle shoved up his rectum.

According to a Thursday report by local newspaper El Universal, the 62-year old man arrived at the San Juan de Dios hospital Saturday afternoon complaining about strong stomach pains.

When the doctors x-rayed the man’s abdominal area, they found out he had an empty Costeñita bottle in his rectum.

After initial attempts to manually remove the bottle failed because the bottle created a vacuum when pulled towards the exit, the medics decided to perform surgery.

Surgeons had to make a small incision in the man’s belly and another one in his colon to be able to remove the bottle from his bowels.

Doctors told the newspaper that the operation was completed successfully, but that the man was ordered to remain hospitalized for a number of days to recover from the surgery.

A lady friend of the man told the doctors he had called her that morning complaining about constipation and strong pains. According to the friend, the man told her he had been out drinking with his friends the night before and did not remember what happened.

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