UK prime minister praises Colombia’s economy

Great Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron said he’s surprised and impressed by Colombia’s economic leadership and social responsibility, and proposed that ties between the two countries should “grow much stronger.”

Cameron met with Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos in London during an official visit by the Colombian president to the United Kingdom.

Cameron said during the meeting, “First of all, I want to make a tribute to the leadership that Colombia has shown in the United Nations’ Security Council. It was a pleasure working with you, especially on the issue of Libya, and I think we have made great strides in supporting democracy, human rights, and freedom.”

The British authority said that Colombia and the United Kingdom “have a great partnership” but that “we want to see this society grow much stronger.”

Specifically, Cameron explained that “We are very impressed by your leadership…especially with respect to the economic agenda,” going on to mention that “there are great opportunities to invest, grow, and trade between the two countries.” The British leader said that “we can make great progress in each of these areas during your visit, in addition to many other areas.”

The prime minister was also “pleased” to sign a human rights agreement with the Colombian head of state, saying that recognizes the progress Colombia has made on improving human rights security in the Latin American nation.

In response, President Santos said that Cameron “recognized the important advances Colombia has made in this area, and we told him we did it because it’s the right thing to do,” saying that Colombia will continue to do so in the future.

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