Bogotanos break two Guinness World Records

Bogotanos broke records Monday for having 50,420 aerobic exercisers and 8,200 people practice kickboxing at Parque Simon Bolivar in the Colombian capital, reported El Tiempo.

After two years of attempts, Bogota finally kicked the old Guinness World records to the curb for massive aerobic and kickboxing performances.

Beginning in the early morning, families and friends crammed into tents set up at the park’s entrances to write down their name and become part of history.

“It was impossible not to participate, we had to be the best,” commented Maria Bedoya, one of the participants.

Starting early with 8,200 participants, from children to grandparents, the group threw hook punches and jabs at their invisible attackers for 16 minutes, beating the previous record from Hungry where 2,336 participants kick-boxed for 10 minutes in 2009.

Next, the masses sought to overtake the 2003 aerobatic record established in the Philippines with 48,188 participants. Following instructors’ instructions from 14 stages throughout the park, the group broke the record with a total of 50,420 people exercising for 50 minutes of epic aerobics.

“We are making history, and demonstrating that we have a very healthy city” stated Ana Edurne Camacho, the Director of the Institute of Sports and Recreation.

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