Bogota wins Guinness World Record in health

2,200 citizens participated in a mass First Aid course organized by the District Secretariat of Health, a Guinness record.

Bogota now holds the Guinness World Record for largest number of attendees at a mass public health function. The previous titleholder was Sao Paulo, Brazil, with 1,250 attendees, reports Radio Santa Fe.

Manuel Antonio Villamizar Mejia, director of the Regulator Center of Emergencies, said that “since ‘health is not a favor, is a right’, the Mayor of Bogota, through the Secretariat, invites all people … to be prepared to attend incidents that might occur at home or on the street.”

During 2008 the Bogota city government trained 8,500 people in First Aid. Their goal for the next two years is to train another 14,000 people.

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