Body of Colombian killed in Haiti quake repatriated

The remains of the Colombian woman killed in Haiti’s earthquake have been repatriated, the Ministry of the Interior confirmed Sunday.

The body of Sandra Liliana Rivera Gonzalez was discovered Friday under the rubble of the four-star Hotel Montana in Port-au-Prince where she was staying when the 7.0 magnitude quake hit on January 12. The 35-year-old Colombian reportedly worked in security for Delta airlines.

Sandra’s brother, Yesid Rivara, said that while her family were devastated to have lost her they were happy that her body had been retrieved.

Her husband thanked the Colombian government and people for their support, adding, “to be able to find her was satisfactory for us, in spite of the pain of having found her dead,” Caracol Radio reported Sunday.

The Colombian’s body was repatriated in the company of close relatives, a Ministry of the Interior press release announced.

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