Barranquilla duo replicates Margaret Thatcher’s favorite car

People are always looking for unique and exciting ways to arrive at the aisle in style, so how about rocking up to your wedding in an exact replica of former U.K. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s favorite car? Well, for those in the market, Colombia is your place.

Carlos and Carlos Ariza, a father and son duo from Barranquilla, have made a name for themselves creating flawless replicas of classic cars from the 50s and 60s.

Their preferred make? The very British Morris Garage – a personal favorite of the Iron Lady herself.

The Arizas create the cars in their home in northern Colombia, offering them for sale or rental to collectors, enthusiasts or just those looking for a pretty fly ride.

And you wont have to pay a packet for the privilege. The cost of one of the prize-winning replicas ranges from a very modest $7,000 for an undecorated but functional car to considerably more for a fully kitted-out imitation classic vehicle.

According to Ariza Senior, he and his son are looking to expand their repertoire – with plans to begin work on some other classic motors, including the U.S.’s 66 Ford Cobra and the Hot Rod.

With the family business taking off, the Arizas had better fasten their seat-belts.

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