Colombia may extradite world’s 3rd biggest serial killer

Colombia’s prosecutor general announced that Luis Garavito, a serial sex attacker who has admitted to raping and murdering at least 138 young boys, may face extradition to Ecuador.

The prosecutor general said that he was considering Ecuador’s extradition request and that it may be granted when Garavito is released from jail in Colombia. Ecuador wants to try Garavito for murdering a group of Ecuadorean children.

If Ecuador’s extradition request is granted then Garavito will be tried in Ecuador after his sentence is complete in Colombia. The director of Colombia’s prison authority has recently stated that he believes Garavito can be put back in jail after his release as he has likely not be tried for all of his crimes.

In 1999, Garavito was found guilty of murdering and raping 138 young boys aged between six and 16. The jailtime for Garavito’s deeds added up to several centuries in prison, but at the time Colombian law prevented anyone from being sentenced to more than 30 years in prison. His sentence was later reduced to 22 years as he cooperated with authorities. Garavitio is currently on schedule to be released in a matter of years.

Estimates for the number of Garavito’s victims range from 138 to 300, making him possibly the second or third most prolific serial killer in recorded history.

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