Wiretap scandal used in plot to discredit Uribe: dismissed prosecutor

Colombia’s recent wire-tapping scandal was used in a conspiracy to discredit the government of President Alvaro Uribe, claimed a dismissed prosecutor on Thursday.

The dismissed prosecution lawyer Claudia Ester Perez, who was assigned to investigate several of the wiretapping cases, told news station W Radio that none of the wiretaps she investigated were conducted by the intelligence agency DAS and infact were made from within the country’s Prosecutor General’s Office.

Perez claimed that these wiretap accusations were part of a conspiracy to make people think that President Alvaro Uribe ordered illegal interceptions of Supreme Court President Augusto Ibanez and thus cause a clash between the Presidency and court.

The prosecution lawyer, who was recently removed from her post after discovering that her boss’s spouse was linked to the DAS interceptions scandal, stated that she knew who was actually responsible for ordering the illegal interceptions but was unable to disclose the information due to the ongoing criminal investigation.

The intelligence agency DAS is currently involved in a major scandal regarding the illegal interception of opponants to the Uribe government. Uribe himself ordered the dismantling and complete reconstruction and renaming of DAS in September.

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