Wife pours boiling water on cheating husband’s genitals

After learning of her husband’s infidelity, a Colombian woman decided to take matters into her own hands by dumping a pot of boiling water over her spouse’s genitals.

According to eyewitness accounts from local residents, the outraged Yolivel Lopez initially kept her cool after her husband, Nefer Netan, arrived home late on Tuesday night with a few drinks. Unaware of any problems, or the fate that awaited him, Netan soon went to bed with his wife, falling asleep beside her.

It was at this point that Lopez chose to exact her revenge.

Jumping out of bed, Lopez entered the kitchen where she methodically filled a large pot with water, placed it on the stove, and patiently waited for it to boil. When the water had reached boiling point, Lopez calmly carried the pot back into the bedroom and emptied the scalding-hot contents directly onto her husband’s unfortunate genitals.

The tortured scream of agony that then issued forth from the man’s lungs reportedly ripped the couple’s neighbours from their slumber.

Netan was taken to a local hospital to receive treatment but, according to local reports, his penis has been utterly destroyed.

The incident allegedly occurred after Lopez had received a call from her husband’s mistress. In the call the mistress said that Netan loved her more, and that they had just had sex.

Residents report that since the incident occurred, there has been no sign of anyone occupying the house.

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