‘Wife-beating’ congressman ‘also doesn’t pay child support’

Jose Rodolfo Perez (Photo: Prensa Libre Casanare)

The news about the congressman who allegedly abused his ex-wife takes new highs as the same ex-wife accused him of failing his parenting duties.

According to ex-wife Zully Mejia, Jose Perez has failed to pay child support for the last four months, leaving her with the financial responsibility for their five year old daughter.

“For four months I have not received child support, according to him because he has got no money,” said Mejia while admitting that Perez previously had been good with their daughter.

The ex-wife said that she is not blaming her former husband for the loss of her unborn baby although she was four weeks pregnant when the incident found place. Further she stated that neither she or the doctors could prove whether in fact this was the cause of the miscarriage.

Perez has not yet given any comment about the accusations in public, but his ex-wife said that although she understands he will defend himself he still has to prove the allegations false.

The news about the congressman’s abuse has awakened a storm of reactions in Colombia creating a debate about family violence in the country.


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